whine1 [ waın, hwaın ] verb
1. ) intransitive to complain in a way that annoys other people:
For goodness sake, stop whining!
whine about: What are you whining about now?
a ) transitive to say something in this way:
But it's cold out there, he whined.
2. ) intransitive if a dog whines, it makes a high noise, usually because it wants something
3. ) intransitive MAINLY LITERARY if something whines, it makes a high loud sound:
A bullet whined past him.
╾ whin|er noun count
╾ whin|ing noun uncount
whine 2 [ waın, hwaın ] noun count
1. ) a complaint, especially one you make in an annoying voice:
There were a few whines and whimpers about policy changes.
2. ) a high sound made by a machine, insect, etc.:
the high-pitched whine of a vacuum cleaner
3. ) the sounds a dog makes to let you know what it wants
╾ whin|y adjective

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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